Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

On May 20th and 21st Dr Sketchy Seattle invaded the Seattle Erotic Art Festival with our brand of cabaret life drawing.  At 8pm and 11pm each night a couple took to the stage while Lydia McLane encouraged drawing and gawking.  Many jaws dropped as the men and women posed together in increasingly erotic poses.  Kink, leather, bondage, and stripping were involved.  We only have a few images to share, but are grateful to the photographers and to the Festival for sharing the images.  The Dr Sketchy models were a rare treat indeed!  Friday at 8pm was Leather Sir Hugh BR and Kent, Friday at 11pm was Androboi and Play Boi, Saturday at 8pm was Leather Sir Rob Grant and Boy JuJu, and Saturday at 11pm was Anahata and Nave.

Photos were taken by the following individuals:
Adam Harrison

Alison Douglas
Damien Jones (no website)
Gerry Oar
Michael Balasko
Rod Hoekstra (no website)

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